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Ground Glass Pozzolans for Concrete

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM), are materials that are added to, or replace a portion of the portland cement, each SCM can provide different benefits to the concrete and can be used in a variety of ternary blend applications. One such SCM that can be used effectively is ground glass powders.

This substance goes by several different names such as:

  • Ground glass powder

  • Ground glass pozzolans

  • Glass pozzolan powders

  • Recycled glass pozzolans

  • White silica powder

Because of ground glasses’ high content in amorphous silica, ground glass can have a similar pozzolanic reactivity to portland cement. And therefore, can provide a distinct advantage over some types of class C & F fly ashes and ground granulated blast furnace slags.

Further, ground glass can be particularly whiter than most metakaolin and silica fume in the market today. This added whitening effect for the cement can reduce the overall amount of pigment used in colored cementing applications. This reduction in total pigment can greatly reduce overall project costs for expensive dyes.

Finally, using ground glass can be environmentally beneficial as well. Aside from reducing materials destined for the landfill, using SCMs can reduce the overall carbon footprint of the project. This is because the calcination process for portland cement requires a large amount of energy and therefore has a notoriously large carbon footprint. By using other technologies that use less carbo like SCMs, you can reduce the total greenhouse gases emitted by the project.

As always, when determining what specific SCM makes the most sense for the project, please be sure to appropriately trial your mix. This way you can guarantee that your blend design best fits your particular need.



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