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Ground Glass Pozzolan

R-E-D Ground Glass Pozzolan

For The Construction Materials Industries

R-E-D 105 RGP is created by selecting specific varieties of glass and milling them to a specific size creating a chemically reactant material, that is optimized for the decorative civil engineering, and aesthetic concrete markets.

Recycled Glass Pozzolan
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Ground Glass Pozzolan & Sustainability

R-E-D Industrial Products Ground Glass Pozzolan provides a premium in function and application sustainability. This is how our Ground Glass Pozzolan product line can make a difference in longevity and viability. See the information below to see how Recycled Glass Pozzolan can provide confidence that you are making the sustainable choice for your next project. 


Applicability for Sustainability:
  • Replacement for SCMs becoming scarcer and in-demand such as Fly Ash, Slag, and Silica Fume

  • Replacement for traditional Portland cement that is heavy in CO2 emissions

  • Increases strength of concrete

  • Increased durability

  • Less linear shrinkage

  • Reduction of efflorescence 

  • Compressive Strength

  • Chloride ion resistivity


  • In projects that need a green SCM replacement that meets the ASTM requirements of other SCMs such as fly ash and slag

  • High resistance to sulfate and natural corrosions promotes the implementation of concrete projects that will be subjected to harsh conditions and chemical attack

  • High compressive strength that promotes durability saving life cycle costs for projects in high-impact areas

  • High resistivity to chloride ion erosion which makes it a perfect SCM for implementation in marine concrete that includes bridges and tunnels that are submerged in water

  • High resistance to the freeze that cycle allows concrete to last longer in cold weather 


  • Substitutions for SCMs like fly ash where their production sites which are coal plants are closing rapidly reducing the supply, while simultaneously cutting back on coal production which is a high greenhouse gas emission contributor

  • A 100% recycled product that cuts back on processing that contributes to greenhouse gas emission

  • Creates an avenue for material waste to be repurposed for environmental use

  • Cuts back on landfill waste

  • Readily available in the millions of tons reducing SCM shortages in the infrastructure supply chain 

  • Reduces the production cost of traditional concrete


Sustainability Fact: The United States supplementary cementitious materials market size is estimated to reach 6.8 billion by 2030, which means high demand and limited sources is going to promote new SCM replacements [1]

[1]. Allied Market Research. “U.S. Supplementary Cementitious Materials Market Size to Reach $6.8 Billion by 2030: Cagr: 7.0%: AMR.” GlobeNewswire News Room, Allied Market Research, 3 May 2022,