Technical Data

Silica Fume

For refractory castables

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Silica Fume and Refractories

Silica fume used in refractory castables provides better particle packing. Silica fume used requires less water, while maintaining the same flow characteristics. Silica fume used also promotes low-temperature sintering and the formation of mullite in the matrix of castables. This allows production of castables which have a low permeability to gas, slag and metal penetration. Castables made with silica fume are stronger than non-silica fume castables, especially at high temperatures and higher density. Silica fume use will attain lower porosity and are more volume stable.

Silica fume has a stable pH and a low impurity level and is perfectly adapted to the requirements of refractory castables. Its use improves the flow, mechanical properties (especially hot strength), and durability (via permeability reduction).


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