R-E-D is the go to source for high performance Silica fume products for concrete admixture!

R-E-D Industrial Products strengthen the construction industry end results when integrating R-E-D's high quality Silica fume!

R-E-D is one the largest providers of Silica Fume in the world and can handle any thinkable scenario for concrete construction admix in the silica fume market.

Silica Fume Requirements:

Concrete, Refractory, High Performance Concrete, The Oil and Gas Industry, Ceramics, Concrete Roofing, Wallboards, Cementation Repair Products, Concrete Tile & Panels, FCB,  Shotcrete, Polymers & Elastomers and (SCC) self-compacting concrete


R-E-D has a strong reputation for superior technical knowledge, excellent customer support and the utmost  level of quality.





Silica Fume for RefractoryFunace
Concrete Pour with Silica Fume
Silica fume Addmix for Concrete pour
Silica Fume for Gas & Oil
Silica Fume For Concrete Bridges
Silica Fume concrete.jpg
Silica fume for Dam building


January 2020


R-E-D Industrial Products will be

exhibiting at the North Hall

at booth N 465

R-E-D Industrial Products has over 25 years of combined experience in the industry. Our goal is to create a better experience for our customer. We will accomplish this through our exceptional service, superior Silica Fume products, and dependability. We have combined our strengths to create an unbeatable team dedicated to providing the best products and service!

R-E-D Industrial Products philosophy is to provide reliable Silica Fume products, efficient logistics, and dependable customer service through caring Personnel, Reliability, Quality!

R-E-D will take the lead in the advancement of silica fume as a key component in high performance concrete, shotcrete, the oil and gas industry and cementations repair products. As the third  largest producer of silica fume in the world, RED has a commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction and customer success.

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R-E-D Industrial Products exclusively represents the Mississippi Silicon Group Globally!
The RIMA/Mississippi Silicon Group is the 3rd largest producer of Silica Fume in the world making R-E-D the 2nd largest Silica Fume provider in North America.

We're constantly expanding our product line to include the most up to date and best products that are on the market today!

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