Metakaolin is additive engineered to provide a high level of pozzolanic reactivity.

RED’s Metakao 109PK & 111WK are metakaolins that are superior supplementary cementitious material (SCM) products.  Specifically engineered to provide a high-level of pozzolanic reactivity, enhancing concrete and cement-based product performance.  109PK & 111WK really provide added desirable properties, specifically as a primary SCM or in ternary blends of concrete.


109PK & 111WK additives are an ultra-fine material produced from the aluminum silicate mineral kaolin that meets the technical specifications for ASTM C-618 and AASHTO M295-11, Class N pozzolans. The proprietary manufacturing process optimizes pozzolanic reactivity and ensures the product meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Metakao 109PK.png
Metakao 111wk.png

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