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R-E-D Colloidal Silica

R-E-D Industrial Products’ colloidal silica is exceptionally unique in that it is formulated using lithium as an enhancement for ASR resistance.  The nano suspended silicates provide optimal densifying and bonding properties.  Calcium Silica Hydrate (C-S-H) is created when silicon dioxide reacts with calcium oxide and water which produces increased bonds that decrease the overall surface porosity.  


R-E-D Colloidal silica can be applied to both fresh and existing concrete.  Typically, this product is used as a concrete finisher as it will increase the density and the strength of the concrete.  It provides better wear, scratch, and corrosion resistance, and increased protection from alkali-silica reaction (ASR).  Colloidal silica can be used to change rheology and viscosity without adding other thickening agents, provide improved heat resistance, and increased temperature tolerances.


Colloidal Silica & Sustainability

R-E-D Industrial Products Colloidal Silica provides high-quality application results and real-world solutions to sustainability issues. We stand behind our product's ability to deliver vitality that promotes long-term durability. Take a look at the information below to see how Colloidal Silica can help with your sustainability needs in your next project. 


Applicability for Sustainability:
  • Densification of cement and concrete

  • Improved surface friction and anti-slip properties

  • Strengthening additives to mortar and concrete

  • Abrasive polishing agent

  • Scratch-resistant surface coating 

  • Wastewater filtration 

  • Ground stabilizing and soil remediation 


  • A densifying agent for concrete that increases durability and lowers life cycle cost

  • Increases friction properties that can promote safer roads and infrastructure

  • Increased strength in a mortar adds to the sustainability and longevity of masonry projects

  • A coating for concrete and infrastructure projects that preserves the top layer of building materials protecting against chemical attacks and erosion

  • Can be repurposed for building and support stabilization in decaying infrastructure and weakening foundation

  • Provides a sustainable solution to cleaning up waste in waterways created by pollution, spillage, and contamination

  • Cuts back on landfill waste through soil remediation, protecting the environment from toxic and harmful chemicals from dispersing into healthy soil

  • The plugging-like capability has a role in extraction operations such as oil and gas that prevents fluids from leaking reducing the possibility of environmental catastrophe 

  • Because of colloidal silica densifying properties, it stands up against natural disasters such as earthquakes creating durability in infrastructure foundations

  • Ability to seal fractured streambeds preventing polluted groundwater


Sustainability Fact: More than 143 million Americans living in the 48 contiguous states are exposed to potentially damaging ground shaking from earthquakes [1].


[1] “Nearly Half of Americans Exposed to Potentially Damaging Earthquakes: U.S. Geological Survey.” Nearly Half of Americans Exposed to Potentially Damaging Earthquakes | U.S. Geological Survey,

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