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Our Philosophy

About R-E-D

With over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge in the Silica Fume, Metakaolin and SCM Industries, R-E-D Industrial Products can meet all of your product and supply needs. Our purpose is to provide an unequaled experience for our customers through our extraordinary customer service, exceptional products, and renowned dependability. Our team focuses on you – the customer –  and will work tirelessly to be the provider and supplier of choice for all of your Silica Fume, Metakaolin and SCM needs.


R-E-D Industrial Products’ philosophy is to supply reliable products, perform efficient logistics, and provide dependable customer service. R-E-D Industrial Products plans to do this through the following key areas:

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R-E-D’s strength is in its employees. Our employees are highly passionate and knowledgeable about the products we supply. R-E-D Industrial Products empowers all of its employees to be their best in providing extraordinary customer service, remaining current with industry trends, and in R-E-D’s overall mission to be the Silica Fume, Metakaolin and SCM providers of choice.


Our company characterizes itself as being dependable and reliable. We stand by our word and take pride in our customers' confidence in our service and the work that we do.  R-E-D Industrial Products is a respectable, honorable company that can be relied on.


The quality of service and products that

R-E-D provides is a core tenant of our foundation and what defines us in the Silica Fume, Metakaolin, and SCM Industry.  We use the most advanced tools and techniques to assure that our customers receive the highest quality products.  Our goal is to represent products that meet ISO 9001 certification.


A primary goal of R-E-D Industrial Products is environmental sustainability. This can be seen in all aspects of our business. From the recycling methods that are used to collect Silica Fume – a way that keeps it from ending up in landfills - to the projects where our products are used – bridges and roads making them last longer and more durable.


R-E-D Industrial Products believes that the overall sustainability of our company is in our corporate culture, ethical compliance, environmental responsibilities and positively affecting others locally and globally. R-E-D has an established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that outlines how we operate to improve society and make a positive, lasting impact.  R-E-D has partnered with EcoVadis, a Universal Sustainability Ratings Provider, to assist in monitoring, providing feedback and rating our CSR program. 


Meet The Team

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