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R-E-D Ground Glass Pozzolan

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R-E-D Re-Act 4™ is a premium glass pozzolan, prepared using highly controlled processes to generate a superior low carbon footprint cementitious material for use in a wide range of construction products from UHPC to architectural pre-cast, from ready mix concrete to premium durability grades.

Recycled Glass Pozzolan
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Logo For Re-Act 4 Ground Glass Pozzolan

 & Sustainability

R-E-D Industrial Products' Re-Act 4™ provides a premium factor in both function and application of sustainability. This is how Re-Act 4™ can make a difference in the longevity and viability of your products. Review the information below to see how Re-Act 4™ can provide confidence that you are making the sustainable choice for your next project.

Applicability for Sustainability:
  • Replacement for SCMs becoming scarcer and in-demand such as Fly Ash, Slag, and Silica Fume

  • Replacement for traditional Portland cement that is heavy in CO2 emissions

  • Increases strength of concrete

  • Increased durability

  • Less linear shrinkage

  • Reduction of efflorescence 

  • Compressive Strength

  • Chloride ion resistivity


  • In projects that need a green SCM replacement that meets the ASTM requirements of other SCMs such as fly ash and slag

  • High resistance to sulfate and natural corrosions promotes the implementation of concrete projects that will be subjected to harsh conditions and chemical attack

  • High compressive strength that promotes durability saving life cycle costs for projects in high-impact areas

  • High resistivity to chloride ion erosion which makes it a perfect SCM for implementation in marine concrete that includes bridges and tunnels that are submerged in water

  • High resistance to the freeze that cycle allows concrete to last longer in cold weather 


  • Substitutions for SCMs like fly ash where their production sites which are coal plants are closing rapidly reducing the supply, while simultaneously cutting back on coal production which is a high greenhouse gas emission contributor

  • A 100% recycled product that cuts back on processing that contributes to greenhouse gas emission

  • Creates an avenue for material waste to be repurposed for environmental use

  • Cuts back on landfill waste

  • Readily available in the millions of tons reducing SCM shortages in the infrastructure supply chain 

  • Reduces the production cost of traditional concrete


Sustainability Fact: The United States supplementary cementitious materials market size is estimated to reach 6.8 billion by 2030, which means high demand and limited sources is going to promote new SCM replacements [1]

[1]. Allied Market Research. “U.S. Supplementary Cementitious Materials Market Size to Reach $6.8 Billion by 2030: Cagr: 7.0%: AMR.” GlobeNewswire News Room, Allied Market Research, 3 May 2022, 

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