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E5 Catalyst

Optimized to increase surface density and impact resistance by reacting with nano-silica particles in E5® RCS concrete.

Quickly and effortlessly create a more dense concrete surface every time with E5® Catalyst. After pouring the slab and using E5® Internal Cure, simply spray on E5® Catalyst prior to combo blades to begin the chemical reaction at the surface. E5® Catalyst reduces drag by producing a micro grout, making troweling smooth and effortless – resulting in less user fatigue and lower cost of equipment maintenance. The result is an extremely hard and dense concrete surface.


Features and Benefits

Use only with E5® Internal Cure Admix

  • Increases abrasion resistance

  • Creates a denser, less permeable surface for resistance to liquid penetration and staining

  • Increases impact resistance

  • Reduces capillary size at the surface

Environmental Benefits

  • Zero-VOC formula

  • Ships in a ready-to-use formula

  • No hazardous waste

RCS Technology

RCS™ concrete slabs outperform rival products classes in their resistance to physical, chemical, and microbial attack. Provided that the right products are chosen, impregnation with RCS™ materials will preserve the structure longevity.

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