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E5 Liquid Fly Ash

E5® RCS Technology facilitates Portland Cement reduction up to 15% and enhances or replaces the use of SCM’s like fly ash, slag, or silica fume in ready mix concrete.

E5® Liquid Fly Ash (LFA) integral admixture is a silicate-free, proprietary blend of nano-silica that serves as a pozzolan addition, employed in conjunction with an adjusted quantity of coarse and fine aggregates to maintain the concrete properties and volume of fly ash in the mix design. E5® LFA sustains strength requirements, improves workability, and decreases permeability and efflorescence. The result is a more consistent high-quality, user friendly concrete regardless of geography, season, or application.

E5® LFA is engineered to exact standards to deliver predictable results every mix, unlike recycled fly ash materials which vary greatly in availability, cost, composition, and quality. E5® LFA improves air quality and worker safety in the ready-mix plant, compared with inconsistent and more difficult to employ CCR (Coal Combustion Residue) alternatives.

E5® RCS Technology increases pozzolanic reactivity to form permanent, insoluble bonds in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC). E5® LFA reduces air entrainment issues commonly associated with fly ash use. Consistency in production and placement improve finish quality and extend the in-service life of concrete.


Features and Benefits

  • Superior concrete finishability

  • Same pozzolanic reactivity as traditional SCMs

  • Promotes secondary C-S-H development

  • Up to 15% cementitious material reduction

  • Creates better interfacial bonds

  • Predictable performance

  • Improved finish and reduced re-work

  • Reduced efflorescence

  • Increased density within the matrix

Concrete Production Benefits

  • Consistent availability and cost

  • No negative affect on air-entraining admixtures

  • Simplifies quality control adjustments

  • Eliminates the need for dedicated fly ash silo

Sustainability Benefits

E5® Liquid Fly Ash is an environmentally friendly, zero VOC formula, bio-degradable, non-hazardous product that lowers CO contribution.

Carbon Reduction Advantage

Reducing overall cementitious material content significantly reduces the carbon footprint of construction projects.

For every 100 yards poured with E5® LFA, up to 10,000 pounds of CO is eliminated from our environment.*

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