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Our Approach

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Industry Education

Our Vision for SCM Education

Being committed to a more sustainable future within our industry starts with responsibility and education. Our company believes that education on the importance of how supplementary cementitious materials work is key to a more sustainable future.

SCM’s For a Sustainable Future

One question that is often asked is how do SCMs contribute to a more sustainable future? Supplementary cementitious materials or also known as “SCMs” within the industry are key to our industry’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. They drive the sustainability of concrete through their ability to make concrete structures stronger, extending the longevity of our country’s infrastructure. America spends billions of dollars a year on our country’s roads, bridges, and highways annually.

Key Components of SCMs That Drive Sustainability

Supplementary cementitious materials are a key factor in making sure that infrastructure investment has a maximum return in dependability. Supplementary Cementitious Materials cut back on the use of traditional Portland cement for better performance. Creating a lower environmental impact, higher long-term strength, and improved long-term durability. The use of SCMs within our industry is monumental in creating a more sustainable future that generations to come can enjoy.

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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Philosophy

Our company’s philosophy toward a more sustainable future starts with the protection of the environments we operate in. There are many trending issues that companies face within our industry that we address to help conserve the environment. Urbanization is expanding at a consistent rate. R-E-D’s products are becoming an even more important source when building these foundations in an environmentally conscious manner. It is our goal to help conserve the ecological and environmental communities that may be affected by urbanization, and scarcity of materials and combat our industry’s environmental impact.

Collaborations To Preserve Environments

Our partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund is a key factor in our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Coupled with our collaborative efforts with our employees, customers, and business partners, R-E-D can ensure that all facets of our business operations are environmentally compliant actions. Promoting confidence that our company is upholding regulatory standards that preserve our environmental integrity towards a more sustainable future.

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Combating Climate Change

Identifying Our Impact

We understand the industry we operate in is a contributing factor to climate change, although we do not directly impact climate change on a large scale, R-E-D believes that we must mitigate the impact through our operations and business practices. That means making sure that when our products are sourced, they are done so with any impacts on climate change in mind.

Promoting Innovation to Mitigate Climate Change

We strive to promote innovations within our supply chain to reduce our impact. R-E-D aims to partner with companies that also understand their effects on climate change and share our philosophy in mitigative actions. This helps to create a culture within the company that is oriented toward combating climate change. Participating with industry goals that positively impact climate change such as: being carbon neutral by 2030, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing adaptive efforts shows that we actively participate in the solutions rather than talking about the problem.  R-E-D understands that climate change doesn’t respect boundaries and that a collaborative effort is a key to addressing climate change and preserving our goals of a more sustainable future.

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Ethical Sourcing
and Materials

Sourcing Philosophy

As a supplier of raw materials within an industry that plays such a vital role in sustainable solutions for the world, our company's philosophy is rooted in providing ethically sourced products to our customers. R-E-D likes to take that one step further by not only making sure our products are ethically sourced but the materials we use to bag and package can promote a more sustainable supply chain.

Material Sustainability

Our bagging and packaging materials are in some cases reusable. Our company believes there is a difference between saying and doing. We do make sure our products are ethically sourced. “We can stand by this affirmation with regularly scheduled visits to our sourcing sites to certify that all industry standards and applicable federal, state and local environmental laws are being regularly implemented. R-E-D reaffirms our companies commitment to sustainable materials with our collaborative efforts with local community organizations to promote better business and our commitment to adapt by providing more sustainable solutions through our sourcing of products and the use of materials

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Our Philosophy on Water

Water is the most precious natural resource the planet has to offer. Unfortunately, accessibility to clean water is becoming scarcer. The use of water in our industry is pivotal for it to function. Unfortunately, creating the foundations of the world comes with high water usage. Our company intends to develop functional solutions within our industry to not only cut back on water use but to secure and maintain the clean water that we have available now.

Concretes Impact on Water Supply

Studies show by 2050 75% of water demand for concrete and industrial production will happen in areas where there is expected to be water stress (1). Accompanying that is the United States use of water in concrete is equal to the annual domestic use per capita of residents in the United States which is 88gal/day. With this type of production areas in the United States will see some type of water stress do to concrete demand. This explains why the United States is one of the top countries globally with a high correlation of water stress to concrete production.

Impact our Industry has and Solutions to Combat it

SCM’s ability to reduce the amount of water needed for concrete mixtures can reduce the industries water use. By promoting SCMs our company’s mission is to reduce the impact our industry has on global and domestic water use. By innovating SCM’s and implementing them into solutions our company will cultivate a future where the need for water is no longer a privileged commodity.

1. Miller, Sabbie A., et al. “Impacts of Booming Concrete Production on Water Resources Worldwide.” Nature News, Nature Publishing Group, 8 Jan. 2018,

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Partnerships For Sustainability

Philosophy on Partnerships for Sustainability

The future of sustainability is contingent on our company's willingness to make the necessary choices to preserve our industry, the environment, and the communities surrounding it. Our effort is only a small contribution to the overall effort. R-E-D understands that it is going to take a collaborative effort by us and our business partners to ensure our goals for sustainability can be attained. That’s why it's important we align ourselves with associations and organizations that share our outlook on sustainability.

How We Partner for Sustainability

Our company's CSR initiative is one facet of how we try to ensure a more sustainable future through collaborative efforts. Being a member of the Environmental Defense Fund Leadership Council is a title we do not hold without merit. This coupled with our willingness to engage in future industry initiatives such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are just a few ways that we use cooperative efforts to set an example through local and national collaborative activities to forge a more sustainable future.

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Our Philosophy on Humanity

Preserving humanity is fundamental to sustainability. The human element of sustainability is the driving force behind preserving the environment, communities, and climate of the world. Our company believes in promoting the perpetuation of humanity through 5 key initiatives: human rights, gender equality, diversity, anti-discrimination, and the promotion of health/wellness. Staying committed to these 5 key components allows us to improve sustainability in all facets of the world.

How R-E-D Promotes Humanity and Inclusion

Protecting the environment means protecting people. Preserving water sources means promoting health/wellness. Fighting for gender equality is fighting for a future we can all equally participate in. Being diverse in how we approach sustainability correlates to more diversity.  Being anti-discriminate towards our goals allows others to participate in our initiatives. Our company is only as sustainable as the people and communities we interact with. 

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