Silica Fume for Concrete

For castable and high performance concrete.

Silica Fume for Oil and Gas

Used for hydraulic seal in well bores

Silica Fume for Refractory

Silica Fume is used in refractories and

cast-able to improve flow and it also has good mechanical properties


Metakaolin is additive engineered to provide a high level of pozzolanic reactivity.

White Silica 105WS

For High performance concrete results

Fly Ash

Long term direct sourcing from power utilities having single source, domestic coal for stable ash quality and color

Silicon Metal Products

Used in High temperature refractory bricks

Carbon Products

Carbon Products are used in the steel industry

R-E-D Industrial Products

produces four grades of Silica Fume 

R-E-D Industrial Products

produces white silica 105WS

with different grain sizing available.

R-E-D Industrial Products

is constantly expanding its product line to include the most up to date and best products that are on the market today.

R-E-D Industrial Products exclusively represents the RIMA Group & Mississippi Silicon Globally!

The RIMA Group and Mississippi Silicon combined is the 3rd largest producer of Silica Fume in the world.


R-E-D Industrial Products will be exhibiting at the North Hall at booth N 644

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